Frequently Asked Questions


Which Products do you Supply?
  • STOCK ITEMS: Neutral and House Air Waybills, Roll and computer labels, Eyeline and console paper, No-name Invoices and Statements.
  • PRE-PRINTED FORMS: Invoices, Statements, Cheques, Sheet printing, Manuals, Annual Reports, Gift Vouchers, Multi-colour Business forms in all sizes as well as books.
How would you handle it if I require an emergency delivery?
What does number of parts mean?
In Continuous Forms what are the holes on the side of a form called?
What are the little fingers called that hold multipart forms together?
What do you call the small cuts in the paper that allow you to tear sheets apart?
Why do prices become cheaper as the volume increases?
What are Pantone Colours?
Why do printing colours nevertheless vary?
What does OTC mean?
What is a proof
What are authors' corrections?